Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cafe Swiss

First I apologize for the pooooor quality pictures, they are taken with one of my lousiest phone that I shall not mention it's brand which I am to throwing it away.

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A view of the cafe, angle taken from where I am seated, perhaps the picture doesn't show it, but man... its definitely a pretty romantic place to be at! Dark with candle lights on each table, imagine that you will have to whisper to your company instead of talking normally... so yeah it's that kind of atmosphere you will be experiencing.

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Bread with butter is served before our main course.

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Geezz, don't know what I am trying to snap... but the truth is, this is one dish that you have gotta try if you are there!! One of the best lamb chop I've had, we ordered in half rare, the meat is extremely tender. oh it's heaven!

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Beef steak, not as nice, but I like it that it has more vegetables and mashed potato with it. I like the mashed potato very much!

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And here comes the worst desert ever! So now, the moral of the story is this, never ask the waiter for recommendation if they are not enthusiastic about it. I wasn't sure what to have for desert and ended up requesting from the waiter what is his recommendation and viola! This is some cake that you can never have more than three bites. Its so gross and so sweet that all it took was 2 bites and I eventually pushed it aside. Don't be fooled by its presentation. If I remembered correctly, it's chocolate cheese cake if I'm not wrong.

Review: Excellent ambiance, very quiet and few people was around for dinner when I was there. Service was good despite the wrong recommendation of desert. Price wise, around $50 plus for a three course dinner~

Eat well,

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