Saturday, September 18, 2010

Comeback post: ROYCE CHOCOLATE

I know it has been long, gosh... my last post was all the way back in June... What have I been doing all these times man?!

Nevertheless I've decided to be post again, seriously in need to clear some of my desktop content. My food folder is bursting with new pictures I've taken all these while. So expect lots of new posts! Well, I hope I'll not stop posting at some point of time again!

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To all serious chocolate lovers out there, this nicely packaged chocolate bar that I've gotten from ROYCE was way back around June this year- about the same time I've stopped posting. Right now as I'm typing, my brain is trying very hard to recall the taste of it so that I can somehow come out with a review. But it did not happen, to be completely honest I've totally forgotten how I digested it. Still, in my opinion, just so you know if it's worth trying and if you haven't tried any of the ROYCE chocolates yet, I would totally pick ROYCE over any other boutique chocolate shops.


Cost: I think this bar of 130g of goodness retails around $10 (sorry I've completely forgotten about it's price as well)

Eat Well!

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