Sunday, October 3, 2010

Blue Jazz Cafe

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Not a great picture I know, it was fish & chips for me and salad (in balsamic vinegar) for my friend. Their fish & chips were not bad, pretty decent piece of fish meat under the layer of crispy crust although I personally find it a tad greasy towards the end. You could totally use the tomato sauce available at the cafe to help you finish off the last bits. Comes with fries (average) and coleslaw (preferred) as sides. This place also showcases music bands after 10pm although I am not sure on which days, if you're interested probably you can call in and check it out. However, what I certainly like about the cafe is the vibe and it's atmosphere (i will post up the picture of the place later). It helps since I'm interested to try out the other dishes on their menus too. Not to forget their price list were pretty reasonable too.

11 Bali Lane
Singapore 189848
Arab Street

Eat well!

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