Sunday, October 3, 2010

Long Beach Restaurant @ East Coast Parkway

Our family are regulars of Long Beach Restaurant, particularly the main branch located at East Coast Parkway. There are plenty of other deliciousness besides the ones you will be seeing below. I strongly urge you to try the restaurant out!

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Black pepper crab. They were really fresh and spicy and good, only if eating them doesn't make a scene of myself.

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I forgot what it's called. A type of clams?? Very tasty.

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Close up

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Steam snapper in special sauce. Love it!

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And the last picture here, it was actually a dish that's usually serve during Chinese Lunar New Year called Yu Shen. The plate most of the time consist of very thinly sliced carrots, radish, cucumber, marinated carrots and radish in colorings and some other stuffs which probably I've missed listings and raw fish! People tend to drizzle it with lemon sweet sauce and crusted peanuts after which, a few tossing and mixing around, it's ready to be eaten. Personally I really like this dish, I think it will make a really good starter for a Chinese restaurant place. See look! Pretty I know right! I need to learn to make it myself...Hmmm

Eat well!

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